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Great Arabian horses allow us to offer quality, athletic, beautiful Arabian foals with great dispositions and true Black line bred Niga-*Witez II. Our breeding and young stock at Witez Black Arabians have the heritage of the following besides many other fine Arabian horses:


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Reference Sire




Famous Purebred Bay Arabian Stallion!
Registration No. PASB #573
Height: n/a

A famous Polish Arabian stallion who was the best son of the desert bred KUHAILAN HAIFI (imported from Arabia by Count Roman Sanguszko in 1931).

Sire of many famous Arabian horses, including *WITEZ II.

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Reference Sire

*Witez II


4-1-1938 to 6-1966

Legendary Purebred Black-Bay Arabian Stallion!
Registration No. 003933
Height: n/a

The celebrated ancestry of this famous stallion contains the blood of his sire OFIR, who was the best son of the desert bred KUHAILAN HAIFI (imported from Arabia by Count Roman Sanguszko in 1931) and his famous broodmare dam, FEDERACJA, who was from the Janow Podlaski State Stud of Poland.

*WITEZ II was captured and served the German's at stud during Hitler's era. Then this marvelous stallion was regained along with the Royal Lipizzaners on April 28, 1945. He was shipped later that year to U.S.A. and stood as one of the most popular studs for the Army Remount Service. The government dropped the Remount Service in 1949 when mechanization made the horse obsolete as a war vehicle. At which time he became owned by Mr. Earle Hurlbutt and became a Champion show horse here in the U.S. Many people came to see this horse with "the look of eagles" that *Witez II possessed.

He is a legend, thanks to his earlier adventures and travels and his very successful run as a stud. His get include many National Champions and excel in halter, performance, and racing. His linage continues on as show ring winners and in performance, to this day.

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Reference Sire


Pure Polish
16 Lines to Ofir, sire of *Witez II
Homozygous Black!
Registration No. 588055
Foaling date: May 25, 2001
Height: 15.1 hands high
Pedigree: Click Here
Pictures: Click Here

EOPOLUS is a Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated Sire. Sired by OPUS ONE+ and out of EPILOGIA WMF. His half brother (tail female) is a 16 hand National Halter Champion.

EOPOLUS has the genetic blueprint to be an incredible athlete.  Including lines to many renowned Arabians.  His fine heritage is noted for athletic prowess, his pedigree traces to such significant horses as *ALADDINN, *BASK, CELEBES, MELON, NEGATIW and *SAMBOR.



Reference Sire

Hal Gibby


Sire: *Hal Gazal
Dam: G-Amaka

  • 1979 U.S. Top Ten Western Pleasure AOTR
  • 1980 Canadian Reserve National Western Pleasure AOTR
  • 1983 Canadian Top Ten Stallion
  • 1985 U.S. Top Ten Stallon

His sire *Hal Gazal has sired over 50 champions and nine national winners. He is by the Canadian Reserve National Champion Stallion Eleuzis, who is a sire of five national winners, and out of *Bufa, a full sister to Canadian National Champion Stallion *Buszmen.

*Hal Gibby+ is by G-Amaka, whos get include four champions including U.S. and Canadian Top Ten Mare, Hal Eve. Her daughter Hal Lea is the dam of Canadian Champion Reserve National Formal Combination Hal Igo. G-Amaka is by halter champion G-Amigo, sire of three national winners.

Reference Sire


OFIR bred: 18 lines
Pure Polish
Purebred black
Registration No. 565723
Foaling date: May 31, 1999
Height: 15 hands high
Pedigree: Click Here
Photos: Click Here

ECLIPSE was a very beautiful big, strong boned, black stallion. Pure Polish, sired by OPUS ONE+ and out of SATURNIA by STRIKE.

He has an exceptional pedigree with many Polish bred Champions. ECLIPSE also has a very good nature that was passed on to his foals.

ECLIPSE is now a riding gelding with intentions for endurance riding, for L. M. in CA.

Reference Sire

Serya DJ Witez


Preservation *WITEZ II bred: 7 lines 29.7%
Polish Blood: 36%
Purebred black roan
Registration No. 543721
Foaling date: June 29, 1997
Height: 14.3
Pedigree: Click Here

DJ is a handsome solid black roan, having seven lines to *WITEZ II in the first six generations.  He is pure in strain SEGLAWI JEDRAN.

Due to unreversible complications, probably caused by a minor health problem as a youngster, we regretted having little choice then to geld him. However we were thankfully able to add a very beautiful daughter of his to our herd.

DJ is now a beloved riding horse for L. Huyck in TX.

Reference Sire

El Nigadin- Senior Sire


4-8-1979 to 6-18-1999

Beautiful Purebred Non fading True Blue Black Arabian Stallion!
Registration No. 187422
Height: 14.3 1/2 hands

Bred in fine quality with a very strong genetic background. This stallion was bred for superior conformation, extreme athletic ability, plus a very gentle disposition!

Sire of 79 foals as of 2000, of which 33 were blacks and 42 were fillies. EL NIGADIN'S beautiful, athletic foals have gone on to be breeding, cutting, race, ranch and pleasure horses.


This stallion was an image of his supreme sire, NIGA, who sired the outstanding individuals: G AMIGO, GARIS, GAMAAR and NIGATT. NIGA was a grandson of the Polish import, *WITEZ II, of World War II fame and who was one of the great OFIR's renown "W" sons. EL NIGADIN has a quality Pedigree, his bloodline is 12.5% *WITEZ II.

WITEZ BLACK ARABIANS looks forward to what Nadin's legacy and future will bring through his black daughters and black granddaughters, which can be seen on our NEXT GENERATION and BROODMARE pages.

Reference Dam

Genesis Kohli
6-10-1979 to 2-10-2000


Purebred black mare
Registration No. 199465
Height: 14.3 1/2 hands

Classy Black G AMIGO granddaughter. Her dam a *WITEZ II granddaughter.

KOHLI had excellent conformation with refinement. English action, with fine high set neck. She had produced four fillies and six colts, of which we have retained her 1996 black daughter, KLASSI WITEZ BA. She is the dam of a Champion Cutting Horse, Open and Arabian Competition.

Her pedigree: four lines to *WITEZ II, she was 20.3% *WITEZ II blood.

KOHLI was our first black mare, we owned her since 1983.

Reference Sire

El Nigadin- Senior Sire


Beautiful Purebred 1992 Black Arabian Stallion bred by Witez Black Arabians!
Registration No. 491558
Height: 14.3 1/2 hands

LADIN is by the late blue black NIGA son, EL NIGADIN; and out of the black mare LADY BRIQUETTE, a NIGA granddaughter, out of a FERNEYN and BAMBY granddaughter.

Our 2000 black filly LAYLA WITEZ BA, is full sister to LADIN. Our 1996 black filly, KLASSI WITEZ BA is sired by LADIN, and out of our foundation black mare, GENESIS KOHLI.

LADIN now has his own broodmare band in Montana.

Reference Dam

My Hal Amiga


Purebred black mare
Registration No. 276646
March 17, 1983 - Nov. 11, 2006
Height: 15.1 hands

AMIGA sadly passed away at her new owners' home in Arlington, Washington. She was a beautiful true black HAL GIBBY daughter. This mare had correct conformation and quiet disposition. Amiga raised four fillies and three colts for us. Her dam was a G AMIGO daughter. HAL GIBBY was US and Canadian Top Ten Halter and Western Pleasure AOTR and Canadian Reserve National Western Pleasure AOTR. Her pedigree: double NIGA, with three lines to *WITEZ II.

AMIGA is gone due to natural causes as of November 11, 2006. AMIGA spent the last seven years of her life with Joy and Jana Richwine. Even though AMIGA never had a live foal for them, Jana writes: "I want to thank you for the years you gave us with this wonderful sweet mare. AMIGA will be missed."

Reference Dam

Lady Briquette

5-2-1982 to 5-2-2003


Purebred black mare
Registration No. 262238
Height: 15 hands

LADY was a pretty black NIGA granddaughter.

Her dam was a FERNEYN and BAMBY granddaughter.

LADY had Arabian type with strong correct conformation and calm disposition.

LADY had produced five fillies and five colts, including a black herd sire LADIN WITEZ BA. We had retained Lady's 2000 Black daughter LAYLA WITEZ BA and unfortunately lost her in 2005. We have LADY's 1996 black granddaughter KLASSI WITEZ BA.

Her pedigree: double *WITEZ II, she is 9.4% *WITEZ II blood.

Reference Dam

Dama Witez


Purebred black mare
Registration No. 375222
Foaling Date: June 22, 1985
Height: 15.1 hands

An extremely typey black mare sired by an English Pleasure Champion. DAMA has a very beautiful head and easy disposition. Triple NIGA and a HAL GIBBY granddaughter. *WITEZ II bred with 6 lines 20.3%

DAMA has produced three black fillies and five colts. WITEZ BLACK ARABIANS has retained her 1995 blue black daughter, DANA WITEZ BA.  And her 2001 blue black granddaughter, DJANA WITEZ BA.

Take a look at the exotic black gelding Dama produced in 1996, DAMASCUS WITEZ BA.

Reference Sire



Beautiful Purebred Black Arabian Stallion
Registration No. 540961
Height: N/A

SIR is a 28.1% *WITEZ II PRESERVATION stallion, proudly owned by the Pedersen family in WA.

What is Homozygous?

Each horse has a "base" coat color. They are either Red (e) or Black (E). The Red gene is always recessive to the Black gene. Chestnuts and shades of chestnuts, which are Red horses, are known to be homozygous for Red. This is because the chestnut gene is recessive, and thus requires two copies of the Red gene to show red as the base coat color.

On the other hand, Gray is NOT a base coat color. As example, we humans have our base hair color of black, brown, and blonde. Then with age we turn gray. So, mechanics of grey in a horse are the same, a horse that is homozygous or heterozygous for Red or Black can also be gray.

Red and BlackBlack is a dominant base coat color. Black can be either heterozygous (Ee) or homozygous (EE). Heterozygous blacks can either produce horses that are red or black in base coat color. Heterozygous black means the horse carries one Black gene and one Red gene. Since Black is dominant over Red, the horse appears with a black base coat color (black, bay, brown). When a heterozygous Black horse is bred to a Red horse, the resulting foal can be a Red horse. Two Heterozygous blacks can also produce a Red, if each passes on their red gene to the same foal. This is why breeding a bay to a bay can turn out a chestnut foal.

A homozygous Black can only produce black or shades thereof (black, bay, brown). The horses at Witez Black Arabians that have been tested as a Homozygous black, means there was no Red detected in their DNA. These horses can be assumed to be homozygous for black pigment (EE). They cannot have red foals, regardless of the color of the horse they are bred too. The basic color of the resulting offspring from our homozygous Blacks will be black, bay, or brown. Also, depending on genes at other color loci, the horse may be bay, buckskin, grulla, perlino, gray, or any of these colors with the white hair patterns overo, tobiano, roan or appaloosa, depending on the non homozygous color of the horse mated to by the homozygous Black. Grey mares have a 50/50 chance to produce a grey foal. However, all offspring will have the base colors as earlier mentioned.


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